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Physical Geology

Course Study Materials for Physical Geology

Course Overview  

Welcome to Geology 101! We think you'll find this course very enjoyable. Physical Geology is designed to give you an overview of our planet and how it functions. While this is a science course, don't be scared into thinking that we'll be doing lots of calculus or chemistry or physics. It's not like that. Think of this course as an advanced Outward Bound or NOLS course — if you like outdoor activities, such as hiking, skiing, kayaking, or just being in the outdoors, then you will appreciate how this course helps you understand in more depth the environment you so like to play in.

  To get started, just select from the list of available subject materials below. Lecture videos, notes, PowerPoints, and review questions/answers are provided.

Keep in mind that this is a content-driven course. That is, reading and memorization are the order of the day, rather than group discussions commonly found in upper level and graduate courses.

Geology Subject Materials

Choose a subject to view the available materials:

  1. Introduction
  2. Matter and Minerals
  3. Igneous Rocks
  4. Volcanoes
  5. Weathering and Soils
  6. Sedimentary Rocks
  7. Metamorphic Rocks
  8. Geologic Time
  9. Mass Wasting
10. Running Water
11. Groundwater
12. Glaciers
13. Deserts and Winds
14. Shorelines
15. Crustal Deformation
16. Earthquakes
17. Earth's Interior
18. The Ocean Floor
19. Plate Tectonics
20. Mountain Building

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