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Historical Geology

Required Laboratory Exercises

Labs should be completed in the following order:

Lab Number How to Submit Prerequisites
1. Land Use Planning mail None
2. Groundwater Evaluation mail Chapter 6
3. Paleographic Interpretation mail Chapter 6, 7
4. Historical Geology of an Indian Camp Site mail Chapter 6, 7
5. Paleontology online Chapter 7
6. Environmental Analysis mail Chapters 3,4,5

Click on a link to see instructions for a particular lab.

Please use your lab manual to complete the labs. Some of these labs will require that you 'snail mail' your work to me. It's recommended that you complete all of these labs and mail them to me at one time for grading. Graded labs will be returned to you by request only.

You should be familiar with the material in the suggested prerequisites before you attempt a particular lab.

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