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Historical Geology

Required Course Materials

Computer Equipment:

486 or faster PC with Windows 3.1, NT, or greater, or a Macintosh with Mac OS 7.1 or greater
2X CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive
14,400 modem (28,000 or faster is best)
24MB RAM, 30MB of available hard disk space
Internet access, an e-mail account, and a printer
Netscape 3.0 or greater, Internet Explorer 4.0 or greater (either should be set to read JavaScript)



You can get the textbooks online through Varsity Books or other online sources, or you may purchase the materials through the USD Bookstore.

Earth System History, Stanley, Freeman Publishers.
ISBN 0-7167-3377-3
At, this volume was selling for $65, used, the last time I checked.

Laboratory Manual:

Historical Geology, Poort and Carlson, Fifth Editon, Prentice-Hall Publishers.
ISBN 0-13-860966-7
At, this volume was selling for $19-45 the last time I checked. The lab manual must be purchased new.

Laboratory Materials:

The following fossil kit (to be used with lab 5) must also be purchased to complete the laboratory component of the course. Contact SWES at 605-677-5281 to arrange delivery of a fossil kit. Do this early in the semester, as it can take a couple of weeks for USD to acquire these kits.

If you would like to purchase this kit from the reseller directly, you can get it at Ward's Geology:

Know Your Fossils Collection: Ward's Geology, Item number 50H0125, 1-800-962-2660 or, $36.50.

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